Wednesday, February 16, 2011

47/365 Out My Window

At school this afternoon we looked out the window of our teacher office space to see this wee visitor wandering along the bank.  It's seems to be a lone pukeko and has been wandering in and out of our school since late last year.  I just think it's neat that we're in the biggest city in NZ and we still have all this wonderful wildlife around us.

46/365 Thirsty

Another cellphone pic (Really must charge my camera battery).  I've been drinking heaps of these because of the heat.  Devin has a Soda Stream and it has been getting a lot of use at the moment.

45/365 Homework

Another fuzzy cellphone photo here.  But what I love about it is my young man is actually willingly sitting down and doing his homework.  Year 10 is shaping up to be a good year for him.

44/365 Blurred Vision

Spent far to much time staring at this today.  My eyes were so tired that I had to dig up my glasses in order to see clearly.

43/365 50 Years

Today my in-laws celebrated 50 years of marriage.  Pretty impressive really. 

42/365 Watching Paint Dry

David spent the last few days painting Mum's house for her.  It was so hot that he was literally watching the paint dry as he applied it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

41/365 Smile

I didn't use the flash for this and I really like the golden glow that was created as a result.  Another of my bathroom plants - that scarecrow is from Canada.

40/365 Migraine

These became my best friend today as I dealt with my first ever migraine.

39/365 Paper Wars

These piles of paper are lying on the floor of my office at home and need to be sorted.  I made a start before I got sick and have yet to get back to them.  I find the best thing to do is shut the door and ignore it.

38/365 Leaves

This plant hangs out in our bathroom.  It was grown from a cutting and it's a miracle that it's still alive considering my track record with plants.