Sunday, February 6, 2011

34/365 First Day

Rohi and Pythagoras just hanging out in the Newsletter container after a day of being passed from child to child as we got to meet our new class members.


  1. I totally dig a toy bear being called Pythagoras! DO they get to take him home?
    I did this one year with Westpac helicopter teddy and they had turns taking him home and writing a diary and photographing what he did with them over the weekend.

  2. They sure do. He goes home each day with a child who has their name drawn out of a jar. Plus whoever earns the certificate for the week in Assembly on Friday gets to have him for the weekend. His name was selected by my Year 5 class a few years ago. They wanted to name him after a mathematician because I'm a Maths lead teacher - so Pythagoras it was. Now I teach younger chickies and they just love his big. complicated name.