Sunday, February 6, 2011

32/365 Conference

First "Teacher Only" day of the year was spent here.  Murray Gadd was the keynote speaker and was awesome as always.  In the afternoon we went to workshops. I attended one workshop and presented one as well.  Had fun catching up with old friends, although I was still exhausted from being sick.  Couldn't eat the lovely lunch that was provided either.


  1. Interesting. I was underwhelmed by Murray at the Inspired Impact Conference.

    He reveled in the fact he didn't know how to work the tech and then ripped an entire picture book.

    Not good practice.

  2. He didn't really use tech with us - apart from a power point with his notes. I have to say we could've done without the powerpoint. However, I liked some of his messages as they were good common sense. But you're right - no tech as such.