Friday, January 14, 2011

14/365 Best Buds

Wasn't sure what to photograph today. Devin said, "What about Syriana?" So here is Syriana the budgie and his best mate Devin.  Devin has had him for almost a year - he was just a baby when we brought him home.  Devin has handled him daily and Syriana is now quite tame. He'll sit on our shoulders, perch on the furniture and is starting to say "Hello" and "Devin".  He has a repertoire of whistles and squeaks that Devin has taught him and will sit there for hours whistling, chatting and chirping away to himself.


  1. Kids just have to have pets. A lovly photo.

  2. We had one called Pepe. He would sit on the end of my pencil while I was writing and peck on it. Thanks for rekindling a memory.