Friday, January 21, 2011

21/365 A Place for Everything...

Today was spent engaged in the annual ritual of setting up my classroom ready for the new school year.  I spent several hours at school today working out the best way to get all my furniture and other bits and pieces to fit.  Next step is getting all the stuff on the wall that needs to be there, labelling tote-trays, etc.  This picture shows about 2/3 of my room - the angle of the photo makes it look bigger then it really is.


  1. Seriously cool looking class space. I love the tables and it is so light! What year level do you teach?

  2. Things always look so neat and tidy at this time of the year.


  3. I love the tables also, it looks like a collaborative working space.

  4. I have been spending the last few days doing the same thing. I had to shift rooms these holidays so it was a matter of unpacking as well. Keep up the good work. it looks great.

  5. @anneken I teach year 3/4. They are amazingly light classrooms and mine is actually the darkest one downstairs so the others have even more light.
    @Allanah I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. ;)
    @ Thanks Mel. I'm a huge fan of tables and groups although I do have spaces available for those who wish to work independently from time to time. Trying to cater to different learning styles.
    @Cherryl I had to shift rooms last year so it was nice to just go in and move furniture without the joys of unpacking. Thanks for your lovely comment. :)