Monday, January 3, 2011

3/365 This Pool Ain't Made for Paddling

The reason my son and nephew are on the outside of the pool on such a hot day is because my nephew refused to get into the pool.  He was quite happy swishing his hands in the water but as soon as anyone suggested he get in they were met with a chorus of "No, no, no. no, no!"  Everyone else was playing in the water, pouring it on him and climbing in and out of the pool themselves in an attempt to convince him.  He was not convinced.


  1. Makes you wonder what they are thinking doesn't it. When my children were about the same age we would visit the beach but there was no way #4 child was going to put her feet down on the sand. Sandals solved the problem.

  2. LOL - perhaps turning a sprinkler on (if you're allowed of course) would be a solution for cooling down.