Saturday, January 22, 2011

22/365 I Found Nemo

Today David and Devin got to go in the Shark Tank at Kelly Tarlton's here in Auckland.  They were safely behind the mesh and perspex floor of the viewing cage and all kitted up with snorkeling gear.  The tank was submerged to a depth of about 5 feet.  The sharks just kept gliding on by.  Unfortunately my camera doesn't have the ability to take really decent photos so I haven't posted the photos I took as they were quite grainy.  However, I was really pleased with this shot I took of the clown fish in one of the aquariums.  I had the flash off and used the macro feature.


  1. looks like you took that with an underwater camera on a reef somewhere! :)

  2. Love this photo - it's so clear.I'm trying to play about with some of the settings on my camera as with my previous cameras I only ever used the auto setting.

  3. Very cool shot of Nemo!!!! Might have to visit then when I'm in Auckland later in term.