Saturday, January 15, 2011

15/365 Finally Face to Face

I've posted today's photo in both black and white and colour as I can't decide which I prefer.  I can't get over how pale my skin is!  Anyway, I can't take credit as the photographer today as I'm the subject.  My husband is the photographer today.  I chose this picture because the most significant thing that happened today was getting to meet up with a school friend I hadn't seen since we were both 13.  He and I had made contact via Facebook last year and have caught up online since then - gotta love the power of social networks.  We had a great afternoon catching up and it was neat to see that even though we're older we're still pretty much the same.


  1. Gotta say I love the black and white one - it gives so much tonal differences, also means your skin colour doesn't look so washed out either. Love comparing the two and really cool story to go networking is fab for catchin up with peeps from the past eh?

  2. Yes I think I prefer the black and white one too for much the same reason. I often use black and white to give some depth and tone to a picture that just isn't working for me in colour.

  3. I have to agree - I really like the black & white one. I'm glad you posted both though to see the difference.